Prices and Fees for Dog Walking and Pet Care

Here are a list of my fees for each of the services I offer, if you’d like any further information, please contact me.

Day Care

From £14 per dog

Up to 5 hours day care £14, two dogs from the same house £21
Up to 8 hours day care £20, two dogs from the same house £30
For the 5 hours day care, one walk will be included.
For 8 hours day care, two walks are included.

Dog Boarding

From £25 per 24 hours

Maximum of 4 dogs in the house per night. One of which being Tiffany’s own.
Two walks given per day.
Weekend rates apply of £30 Saturday & Sunday evening.
Bank holiday rates apply, please enquiry for prices
* All Boarding dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, and you should provide food.

Group Walks

£12 per dog

Maximum 6 dogs in a walk.
1 Hour Walks.
£12 for one dog.
£20 for 2 dogs from the same household.

Private Walks

From £13 per dog

40 minute walk £13.00
1 hour walk £18.00
£5 per extra dog from the same household.

Walking Whammys

From £20 per dog

Walking Whammy 2 x 1 hour walks; 1 dog £20
Walking Triple Whammy 3 x 1 hour walks; 1 dog £32

Home Visits

From £8 per dog

Made in the morning or afternoon.
One visit per day £8.00
Vets visits to the local area £12.00 per round trip